3DCP Token

3DCP is a token developed by the company by 3D QUANTER.

3D QUANTER is an international IT engineering company that specializes in the development and production of 3D printers for the construction industry.Our team relies on years of experience in innovative development and traditional 3D additive manufacturing.

About 3DCP

Tokens are an important component of any blockchain-based system, application, platform, or economy. They make it easier to move money around the blockchain and maintain track of all transactions. The 3DCP token is based on the Binance smart chain, which uses blockchain technology to provide additional value to its clients. BSC is one of well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It’s a smart contract that allows you to establish a decentralized financial ecosystem on top of a blockchain network. The Binance smart chain employs a proof of authority consensus procedure. As a result, the 3DCP token is utilizing the Binance smart chain to give greater value, security.3DCP token will be offered as an initial coin offering ICO, and the proceeds will be used to build a network that will revolutionize the construction industry as well as offer affordable housing to people all over the world.


We believe the 3DCP Token will become one of the biggest projects in the construction and crypto space.We are holding ICO to attract investment in our already operating business, thanks to these funds we will be able to expand production, increase the production capacity of the enterprise. In return, we offer a token secured by a real product and constant injections of profit into the token. This coin has huge potential and many people will become early adopters in this amazing project.Because the 3D Quanter company will spend part of the profit from each sold 3D printer on buying back the 3DCP coin from exchanges. This stable influx of money will be an excellent fuel for the growth of the coin. And since we will publicly cover our activities, people will see the process in our social networks building printers and selling these printers. And on the blockchain, it will be easy to track the infusion of profits into the coin. Startups can generate funds through the ICO fundraising method by releasing a token on the blockchain, launching an ICO fundraising and then distributing tokens in an exchange for financial contributions. From allowing the owner access to a specific service to other profit opportunities these tokens can be traded across the network and on cryptocurrency markets. The digital world notion is quickly gaining acceptance. Physical assets are being replaced by digital assets. Cryptocurrencies are one of the most vivid representations of the digital world. These digital currencies are based on blockchain technology and function on a decentralized system. Security, privacy, and openness are all enhanced by this cutting-edge technology. Here are some benefits of ICO. Anyone can buy tokens Token launches differ from equity sales in a largescale initial public offering. Tokens that are sold at an ICO can be sold to anyone, as most purchases are anonymous.



Location of the ICO – company website

You need to fill out the form: write mail, wallet address where 3DCP tokens will come.
After that, it will be possible to purchase the desired number of tokens.

You will be able to pay:

  • Crypto
  • PayPal
  • Apple pay


The bulk of well-known digital tokens, like 3DCP, are built on blockchain technology. Blockchain is a very young technology that is still in its infancy. It has many benefits over traditional financing technologies. It has a wide range of uses in a variety of fields. The most essential application of blockchain technology, on the other hand, is the production of crypto tokens. The decentralization, safety, security, and openness of this technology set it apart. It provides consumers with a high level of security and safety. As a result, practically every cryptocurrency relies on blockchain technology. This method gives business people extra security and transparency, allowing them to spend without fear of failure or hijacking. The most dangerous difficulties with physical financial businesses are theft and robbery. These issues have been remedied by blockchain technology, which also provides dealers with more security through transparency as well as digital currency.

Project prospects

The 3DCP market is very small and new it is in its early stages. At the present time there are only about 25 companies which are specializing in 3DCP worldwide only approximatly 40 to 50 houses have been built using 3DCP and there are less than 100 3DCP robots worldwide. On this foundation, we will launch the 3DCP Project using the 3DCP token.
Why invest in 3DCP? The easiest answer is, because it is the future of construction, but it is so much more than just that. 3DCP is faster, much faster. It is possible to build a 100m² house in less than 48 hours and using less workers. Also, all the other positive advantages of using this technology; more environmentally friendly, waterproof, fire resistant, faster drying and hardening, better insulated, longer lasting, antiallergenic and much more. Customers want more and 3DCP gives them much more, the best value and quality without a high price.


50 000 000 3DCP

The global goal is to sell 1000 printers.
We involve $50,000 to build one printer
Token price for ICO 1$ = 1 3DCP
The total issue of the coin is 50,000,000 3DCP
Each sold printer lists 40,000 3DCP and $44,000 on the exchange
15% of the coins are held by the company and are withdrawn in parts to the exchange only if it does not significantly affect the price of the token.

3DCP contract address:



  • Launch of the project
  • Creation of a token and the entire infrastructure
  • Applying for CoinMarketCap
  • Project promotion and advertising
  • Passed Initial Code Audit by Mi7Security

Plan for 2023

  • Start ISO
  • End of the first ISO round
  • Start of the second ISO round
  • Promotion of the project in the media and through bloggers
  • With the money raised, expand the production of printers, increase the company’s profit
  • Actively maintain social networks, show investors our activities and strengthen confidence in the project

Plan for 2024

  • End of ISO
  • Listing of the token on several top DEX exchanges
  • Distribution of tokens to all investors who participated in ISO
  • Constant injection of profits into the token (repurchase of coins from exchanges and creating a deficit in the supply of the token)
  • Listing on the CEX exchange
  • Collaboration with other crypto projects

The project team

Kyrylo Hrytsenko

Kyrylo Hrytsenko


Vitalii Hliantsev

Vitalii Hliantsev


Oleksii Rogozhinskyi

Oleksii Rogozhinskyi


Zulfiya Antonova

Zulfiya Antonova


Oleg Popov

Oleg Popov