3D Quanter Token

  • Guaranteed inflow of profit to the capitalization of the coin
  • Limited number of coins
  • Liquidity
  • Coin backed by real products
  • The global goal is to sell 1000 printers.
  • We┬áinvolve $50,000 to build one printer.
  • Token price for ICO 1$ = 1 3DCP
  • The total issue of the coin is 50,000,000 3DCP
  • Each sold printer lists 50,000 3DCP and $55,000 on the exchange
    15% of the coins are held by the company and are withdrawn in parts to the exchange only if it does not significantly affect the price of the token.

50 000 000


Audit completed

Passed Initial Code Audit by Mi7Security

  • 3DCP contract address: